Tenkai Apes

Tenkai Apes

Tenkai Apes are a unique NFT collection consisting of 2,222 pixel art apes roaming on the Solana blockchain.

Tenkai Apes



Thousands of years ago, in the deepest, darkest part of our universe, lied the planet of the Apes known as Planet Tenkai. This planet was fruitful in all natural resources one could imagine and especially so the potent $TENKAI crystals, the most powerful element in the known universe. These crystals were what powered the advanced ape society and their planet. The inhabitants were a race known as the Tenkai Apes who for centuries, lived together in harmony. However, peace didn't last forever on the planet, as the source of $TENKAI crystals grew ever more scarce the more time went on. A civil war eventually broke out amongst the once peaceful Apes, over what to do with what's left of the valuable $TENKAI. The war between the Tenkai Apes raged on for 100 years, which devastated the ecosystem on the planet, killing a majority of the Ape population. This further depleted the $TENKAI crystal reservoir, until there was nothing left. Leaving a ravaged planet behind the remaining 2,222 Tenkai Apes set out to find a new planet in which they could rebuild their society on. Scouring every corner of the galaxy, the Tenkai Apes stumble upon a bright blue planet called Earth. Earth was found to have almost equal amounts of $TENKAI in it's core compared to the long gone Planet Tenkai, making it the ideal habitat to rebuild on.

Tenkai Planet
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Tenkai Token
Initial Distribution
Initial Token Split
Recirculating Supply Distribution Split
Recirculating Token Split
What is a recirculating supply?

A recirculating supply means that the Tokens that are spent will not be burned. Instead they will be recirculated back into the wallets assigned in the recirculating supply distribution split.

Token Vesting

Due to the reciruclating supply split and the simplicity of our Tokenomics there will be no Token Vesting required. Our Gameplay simulations show that it will take roughly 5 years for the full 10% supply of the token to reach the team. So essentially it's a 5 year Team Vest. The benefit of our solution is that the team are actually required to produce a functioning economy and gameplay environment before they get their hands on any Token.

Phase 1 - The Bachelor

Stake your Tenkai Apes for 5 $TENKAI per day. Sell it on the DEX or accumulate, it's up to you but you'll be needing it.

Phase 2 - The Honeymoon

Stake your Apes and your Tenkai Waifus. Waifus generate 3 $TENKAI per day.

Phase 3 - Shacking Up

Now is when it gets serious. Your Ladies want a home to live in. Send your Apes for a month to build a Love Shack. At the end of the month you will get a whitelist token to be able to mint your Love Shack. Love Shacks will cost $TENKAI to mint but be quick, they release in waves and get more expensive the longer you wait. The shacks will have a total supply of 2222 but every 250 that are minted increases the price!

Phase 4 - Cleanup

Upon minting you'll see that your Love Shack will have a certain number of rooms available (or none if you got unlucky). They also have a max number of rooms available. Send either your Tenkai Apes or Tenkai Waifus to clean out the rooms to make way for all the babies!

Phase 5 - Let's Get It On

If the Love Shack's rockin' don't come knockin'. Once you have at least one room available in your Love Shack you can begin Breeding. You lock up your Ape and Waifu for 2 weeks and they birth a brand new baby ape! Each Tenkai Baby takes up 1 room in your Love Shack.

Phase 6 - The Grand Adventure
Tenkai Babies

Send your Tenkai Babies on Expeditions to bring back Totems to aid your family!

Phase 7 - Corruption

You'll have to wait and see. (It's already been designed and created but you'll have to wait for it to be announced.)

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Road Map

Road Map

The Tenkai Apes

Idea Generation

We started with our art and a very simple idea for what we wanted to do with the project.

January 14, 2022

Market Makers

We engaged the Market Makers in order to assist with marketing and development.

Januray 25, 2022


We began to invite people to the Discord and build our Community.

March 04, 2022

Mint + Staking

The Official Tenkai Apes mint day. Staking Released

May 01, 2022

Liquidity Pool

The AMM and Liquidity Pool will be set up for you to trade Tenkai.

May 01, 2022

Waifu Mint

The 2,222 Collection of Waifu will be minted. 50% of Sales will go towards the LP.

May 27, 2022


You'll be able to send your Tenkai Apes away to build a Love Shack for you and your Waifu.

June 24, 2022

The First Love Shacks + Breeding

The first Love Shacks will be built to start housing the Waifu and Tenkai. May the Breeding commence.

July 23, 2022

The Babies

After Breeding and Incubation you'll have your first babies to send out on an epic adventure!

August 26, 2022



Frequently Asked

What are Tenkai Apes?

Tenkai Apes are a unique NFT collection consisting of 2,222 pixel art apes roaming on the Solana blockchain.

When is the minting date?

Mint date is currently set for April 29

What is minting price?


What are the benefits of getting Whitelist?

There will be 1690 WL spots in total. Each whitelisted wallet will be guaranteed 1 mint and will be minting at an earlier date than public. There will be no WL tokens.

Are there any secondary royalties?

Royalties will be 8% for the Genesis Tenkai Apes collection.



Team Members

Our Amazing Team


Founder & Artist


Founder & Artist


Tokenomics & Gameplay


Community & Marketing